Thibault Charbonnier

Principal Engineer @ Kong Inc.

All things Linux/NGINX/LuaJIT. iOS/Node.js/Frontend in a previous life.


  • Kong: Co-author and main contributor. Kong is a Microservice & API Management Layer built on top of NGINX.
  • OpenResty: Maintainer. OpenResty is a dynamic web platform based on NGINX and LuaJIT.

Libraries & Projects


Kong in 1.x Territory

Kong Tokyo Meetup - AWS Loft Tokyo, Japan - April 16th, 2019


A retrospective on the state of the development of the Kong API Gateway since its 1.0 release. New features, new deployment paradigms, and what to expect from upcoming releases.

Layered Caching in OpenResty

Bay Area OpenResty Meetup - San Francisco, USA - August 23rd, 2018


In this talk, we will dive into the new "mlcache" library, which aims at providing a simple abstraction for layered caching in OpenResty. We will explore several practical use-cases for it that will help you achieve high-performance goals for your applications.

A Kong retrospective: from 0.10 to 0.13

Kong Meetup - San Francisco, USA - April 11th, 2018


A short introductory talk given as part of the April 2018 Kong meetup "Introducing Kubernetes Ingress Controller for Kong". This talk covers the new features and improvements made to Kong from 2017 to 2018, including the groundwork conducted by Kong Inc. and open source contributors that allowed for the development of the Kong Ingress Controller for Kubernetes.

Developing a user-friendly OpenResty application

OpenResty Con 2017 - Beijing, China - October 21st, 2017


Kong is a widely-adopted open source API Gateway built with OpenResty. It aims at helping secure, manage, and extend microservices-based architectures with minimal effort from the user, while ensuring platform agnosticism. In this talk, we will explore the challenges we encountered developing such an OpenResty application, and how we overcame many of them by way of libraries and contributions back to the OpenResty community. We will cover topics such as clustering OpenResty nodes, inter-workers communication, DNS resolution, typical pitfalls OpenResty developers should avoid, and much more.

A Cassandra driver from and for the Lua community

LuaConf 2017 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - July 3rd, 2017


A critical component of the Kong API Gateway, the lua-cassandra library originated from the Lua community, and is now being actively maintained by Mashape (now Kong Inc.). We will study its story, its new features such as clustering support, good practices for LuaJIT/OpenResty development, and propose some solutions to the difficulties of maintaining Lua code for PUC-Lua, LuaJIT, and OpenResty.